Valery Todorovsky

Film director, scriptwriter, producer. Born May 8, 1962 in Odessa.
Adviser to the General Director of the television channel “Rossiya” on film production; winner of professional film awards, prize winner of international and Russian film festivals. Graduated from the scriptwriting and film history department of VGIK (1984). Debuted in cinema as a scriptwriter: “The Double” (1986, with Andris Kolbergs), “The Man of Following” (1987), “Gambrinus” (1990), “The Sea Wolf” (1990), “A Ventо”, “The Cynicsо”, “Over Dark Water” (1993), etc. Producer of films and TV serials. Author of the book “ The Heroic Deed” (together with Yuri Korotkov). 

1990 The Funeral Hearse
1991 Love
1994 Katia Ismailova
1998 The Land of the Deaf
2002 The Lover
2004 My Stepbrother Frankenstein
2007 Vice