Kira Muratova

Film director, scriptwriter, actress. Studied at the Department of Philology of Moscow State University, graduated from the Film Directing faculty of VGIK (1959, workshop of Sergei Gerasimov). Since 1961 she has been working at the Odessa film studios. Her first film and diploma work «By the Steep Ravine» and «Our Honest Bread» were produced together with Alexander Muratov.
People’s Actress of Ukraine, winner of professional awards in Russia, Ukraine,
Germany, France, Switzerland, USA; prize-winner of international and national film festivals.

1967 Short Encounters
1971 Long Farewells
1978 Getting to Know the World
1983 Among the Grey Stones
1987 A Change of Fate
1989 The Aesthenic Syndrome
1992 The Sentimental Policeman
1994 Enthusiasms
1997 Three Stories
1999 Letter to America (short)
2001 Minor People
2002 Chekhov Motifs
2004 The Tuner
2004 The Certificate (short)
2006 The Dummy (short)
2006 Two in One