Vitaly Melnikov

Director, scriptwriter.
Born May 1, 1928 in the Amur region (the former Ostiako-Vogulsk, now Khanty-Mansiisk). Graduated from the Film Directing Department of All-State Institute for Cinematography (VGIK), 1952, workshop of Sergei Yutkevich, Mikhail Romm). Worked as a director at «Lennauchfilm» studio, in 1964 entered «Lenfilm». In 1995 became the chairman of the St. Petersburg Union of Filmmakers. Winner of national film festivals. People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1987).

1964 Barbos Calls On Bobik 
1966 Chief of Chukotka 
1969 Mother Married 
1970 Seven Brides of Lance-Corporal Zbruyev 
1972 Hello and Goodbye 
1974 Ksenia, Fyodor’s Beloved Wife 
1977 Wedding 
1979 Holiday in September  
1981 Two Lines in Small Font 
1983 The Phenomenon 
1984 Another Man’s Wife and a Husband under the Bed 
1985 To Marry a Captain 
1987 First Encounter, Last Encounter 
1990 Royal Hunting 
1991 Chicha 
1994 Varyony’s Last Case 
1997 Czarevitch Alexei 
2000 The Garden was Full of Moon 
2003 Poor, Poor Pavel  
2007 Propaganda Team «Hit the Enemy!»